Andrea Jornet

Andrea Jornet

Why Rekruut?

"I always had a special interest to understand  personal situations and to help people with an important part of their life (their work situation). At Rekruut, I found a good team and the perfect environment to grow! Understanding someone's professional trajectory is something which really appeals to me."

Andrea behind the scenes

With her Spanish-Belgian blood, Andrea brings a solid portion of power in team Rekruut. Her favorite season is winter, although she loves traveling to warm countries (we are still jealous of her beautiful Bali holiday). As a little girl, Andrea dreamed of becoming a veterinarian; but now she prefers to play with her dog Jackson!

Life-saving dilemmas

  • Chips or chocolate: chocolate
  • Bare feet or socks: socks
  • Coffee or tea: tea
  • Phone or laptop: phone
  • Fries or pizza: pizza

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