Bart De Vlieger

Bart De Vlieger

Why Rekruut?

"At Rekruut we really are only working on 2 things: what is the best solution and what can we improve? We do this for candidates, customers and certainly for ourselves as a team. This ensures a constant and healthy drive every day, which gives our team a purpose and a smile.

This in combination with curiosity about the next step, in which we challenge each other in his own way, also towards clients and candidates.

So why Rekruut? Because it feels like coming home every day and feels like a voyage of discovery every day. Magisterial anyway. "

Bart behind the scenes

We all know Bart as the founder of Rekruut. But did you know that he is also an athlete and prefers the combination of swimming, running and cycling? We can't deny that he has a talent for sports. Although he also has a good feeling with building IKEA furniture (without instructions!). If he hadn't started Rekruut, he might have become a captain or Batman. For us he is both of them anyway!

Very important dilemmas

  • Chips or chocolate: chocolate
  • Coffee or tea: tea
  • Movies or series: movies
  • Mosquitoes or spiders: mosquitoes
  • Fries or pizza: pizza

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