Bram Serpieters

Bram Serpieters

Why Rekruut?

"From my own experience, I know how 'your work' has a big impact on the way you look at life. Helping people to find a challenging job with companies that care about their employers and making life easier, gives me a huge satisfaction. "

Bram behind the scenes

Bram - named after thé Bram Vermeulen - is a real athlete. He can't fly, but put him on a bike or give him a good pair of running shoes and he will fly like a rocket. That may have something to do with his childhood dream: if Bram hadn't become a recruiter, he might be busy helping aliens with a new job. But the earth also offered beautiful memories for him: that's how Bram thinks back on his solo trip through Canada with a smile.

Very important dilemmas

  • Bare feet or socks: socks
  • Coffee or tea: tea
  • Too cold or too hot: too cold
  • Morning or evening: evening
  • Fries or pizza: pizza


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