How do we work?

How do we work?

Attracting new talent for your company is our core-activity. We approach interesting candidates for your open positions.


How do we work?

  1. We discuss your company, the open position(s) and the ideal candidate you want to hire

  2. Active search: we activate our network, search in our database and actively approach potential candidates

  3. Screening through a phone call and face-to-face meeting

  4. Support of the interview process

  5. Support on the contact proposal and finalising the process

  6. Back-up during the first weeks of the new candidate in the company

Types of profiles

Our credo: support companies to find professionals with and without experience to fill strategic roles.

Rekruut focuses in different areas: finance, sales, operations, HR, IT and also positions as CEO, COO, CFO and other executive roles.


Our extra value

  • We are first of all entrepreneurs before recruiters

  • Experience on different levels

  • Strong people match

  • Tailor made approach

Our standard way of operating is a proactive search for people in order to match them with the demand we get from clients by using our own database, our extensive network or by using our tooling kit.

Because of our strong international experience over the years we have build up a know-how and good insight in how to reach out to the right professionals.


Rekruut tailor made

Every client has its own story and its own objectives. We are looking to have an extra value on short and long term for clients and professionals. That's why we try to adapt our process the best possible way to the reality of our client.

Depending on the demand and the timing of the project we will try to start a collaboration that works for both parties. In most cases an initial start evolves in a successful collaboration and a recruitment partnership.


Rekruut advises

We are also helping companies in their journey to be successfull internally as well. Because of our collaboration with several companies in different sectors and other professional experiences as well, we have a broad view on the best practices and other experiences that will help and support companies in their growth and evolution.

Rekruut is acting as an external advisor for the entrepreneur, supports the HR lead or is able to help define the long-term strategy. Rekruut will and can help you boosting the company to the next level by a direct inflow of candidates or as partner on strategic level.


Rekruut startup plan


We are passionate in helping startups develop in mature organisations and companies. We see this not only as a passion but more and more as a mission. For that reason we have put together a plan to support startups in their need for recruitment support. An interesting finance plan that is workable for startups to give them the opportunity to work with a recruitment partner for strategical positions.

Interested to know more? Get in touch and let’s discuss further.


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