Rekruut Advises

Rekruut Advises

Rekruut advises


We are also helping companies with their journey to internal success. Our collaboration with several companies in different sectors combined with other professional experiences gives us a broad view on the best practices and other experiences that will help and support companies in their growth and evolution.

Rekruut acts as an external advisor for the entrepreneur, helps the HR lead and is also able to help define the long-term strategy. Rekruut will and can help you to get the company to the next level by direct inflow of candidates or as partner on a strategic level.


Rekruut startup plan


From the beginning we are passionate in helping startups developing in mature organisations and companies. We see this not only as a passion but more and more as a mission. For that reason we have put together a plan to support startups in their need for recruitment support. An interesting finance plan that is workable for startups and give them the opportunity to work with a recruitment partner for strategical positions.

Interested to know more? Get in contact and let’s discuss further.


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