Rekruut recruits

Rekruut recruits

Attracting new talent for your company is our core-activity. We approach interesting candidates for your open positions.

Type of profiles

Our credo: support companies in their search of professionals with and without experience to fill strategic roles.

Rekruut focusses on different areas: finance, sales, operations, HR, IT but also on positions as CEO, COO, CFO and other executive roles.


Our added value

  • We are first of all entrepreneurs before recruiters

  • Experience on different levels

  • Strong people match

  • Tailor made approach

Our standard way of operating is a proactive search for people to match them with a demand we get from clients through our own database, our extensive network or by using our tooling kit.

By our strong international experience over the years we have build up a know-how and good insight in how to reach out to the right professionals.


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