Greet Verbiest

Greet Verbiest

Why Rekruut?

"Besides the ambition and good team atmosphere within Rekruut, I also noticed the very human and personal approach within the recruitment process. Besides that, I get a kick when I can match good people with interesting positions!"

Greet behind the scenes

If Greet hadn't become a Talent Partner at Rekruut, she was definitely the lead singer of a trendy country band. Looking for a fun song to sing-along? Greet has plenty of ideas! Another talent of Greet is her clumsiness: if you hear someone running into something, you're almost certain that it's her. But that won't stop Greet, no! With a good gin & tonic, you'll make her very happy, and we're still very curious what the stories are behind her colorful tattoos!

Very important dilemmas

  • Being able to fly or to be invisible: flying
  • Bare feet or socks: bare feet
  • Chocolate or chips: chips
  •  Films or series: series 
  • Coffee or tea: coffee


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