Karlien Van De Paer

Karlien Van De Paer

Why Rekruut?

"Because of a combination of things: the team of young people and the trendy office in Ghent, working with interesting Belgian companies which are in their important growth phase,... And above all: I immediately got the feeling that I would be coached very well. "

Karlien behind the scenes

Karlien is the latest addition to Rekruut and brings a breath of fresh air because of her Limburg roots. Besides that, she also brought a lot of carrots, an addiction we took over as well. Karlien loves to write and to travel. For example, she recently backpacked through Bretagne and visited Iceland. Something she really, really loves? Sunny bars and good food! 

Very important dilemmas 

  • Chips or chocolate: chips
  • Flying or being invisible: being invisible
  • Coffee or tea: coffee
  • Smartphone or laptop: smartphone
  • Fries or pizza: pizza


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