Miguel De Meyer

Miguel De Meyer

Why Rekruut?

"I have a strong passion for people, their motivation and the dynamics within organizations, and I am fascinated by the energy and creativity of starting entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact. Rekruut offers me the opportunity to combine both by contributing to the growth of both candidates and starting and innovative companies. Besides that, I am also surrounded by passionate colleagues, founders and candidates."

Miguel behind the scenes

Miguel is the comedian of Rekruut: with his disarming personality he makes everyone laugh, every day. As a people-person he is also very loved with customers and candidates (and of course by Rekruut!). If Miguel had been a girl, he was called Shirley. Although he would have also loved to be a condor! But then as a special condor who likes to drink coffee and lives in countries like Brazil and Indonesia.

Very important dilemmas

  • Being able to fly or to be invisible: being invisible
  • Coffee or tea: coffee
  • Extra arm or extra leg: extra leg
  • Mosquitoes or spiders: mosquitoes
  • Fries or pizza: fries

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