Silke De Praitere

Silke De Praitere

Why Rekruut?

"As soon as I walked on Rekruut's floor for the first time, I felt at ease, and now I have become a part of that enthusiastic team! Those passionate colleagues, the super interesting customers, very nice conversations with candidates and seeing that you can also grow as a person within your job, was something I had not dared to dream of. Rekruut has a very nice growth path ahead, and I'm glad that I can experience that adventure first-hand!"

Silke behind the scenes

Silke is with her 1.60m the smallest of team Rekruut. The West-Flemish girl is still waiting for her admission letter from Hogwarts, although in the meantime she can be regularly found on the stage as an actress. But it does not always have to be fiction: as a photographer she also loves to make pictures of the people around her, or to photograph beautiful landscapes in Iceland, America and so on.

Very important dilemmas

  • Coffee or tea: tea
  • Too cold or too hot: too cold
  • Being able to fly or to be invisible: to be invisible
  • Morning or evening: morning
  • Bare feet or socks: socks


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