Sofie Gillissen

Sofie Gillissen

Why Rekruut?

"At Rekruut I've already learned a lot of things in different areas, such as self-development, being in contact with interesting companies, gaining knowledge within different domains, ... I get the opportunity to look for talent for promising companies and I can do this within a a strong team in which everyone can use their own strengths. "

Sofie behind the scenes

Sofie loves some competition and a challenge: give her a mission and she will finish it: whether it's about running or making the perfect (coffee)drawing. In the kitchen, she's a real princess: vegetarian food doesn't have any secrets for her! And to cook, she  gets her inspiration everywhere: for example through her adventurous travels, like her backpacking trip through Argentina!

Very important dilemmas

Chips of chocolade: chocolade

  • Koffie of thee: thee 
  • Films of series: series
  • Ochtend of avond: ochtend
  • Frietjes of pizza: pizza

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